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Alternate Spellcasting Rules and Miscast Table [Glenn E. Elliott]
The rules for memorizing spells are changed to be a bit more liberal, but are compensated with an extensive backfire system. Also included are several detailed miscast tables, including some really weird and funny ones.
ASCII / 22 kb / 22.12.1996

The Complete Crossbow [Simon Gibbs]
An extremely well-researched "fact-file", this is the definite crossbow resource ever for the AD&D game. 15 pages of historical info, gaming stats, special rules, as well as a bunch of non-standard AD&D bows and ammo, this is a well-written work and a must for anyone wanting to use these exciting weapons to the fullest within the game.
PDF / 257 kb / 19.05.2000 | Word 2000 / 50 kb / 19.05.2000

Critical Hit Charts [Hans-Christian Prytz]
The most comprehensive and diverse guide to special/critical hits ever. Takes into account not only weapon categories as "standard" critical hit charts do, but has detailed listings on crushing weapons, projectiles, bites and claws, fire, cold, electricity, and many more. Also describes other relevant issues such as limb and organ damage.
ASCII / 6 kb / 20.10.1997

Critical Hits and Misses Tables [Lindsey Lambert (Knight)]
Two simple tables providing a simple framework for realistic critical hits and misses rules.
ASCII / 2 kb / 13.01.1997

Familiars, Extended Table Version [Jens-Arthur Leirbakk]
Greatly improving the playability of the Find Familiar spell, this table has 134 creatures taken from the Monstrous Manual.
HTML / 5 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Fumbles by Weapon Types [Nosferatu]
A simple, seemingly half-hearted effort concering weapon fumbles. Yet, it's the only fumbles-table I've seen that deals with specific weapon types and is still quite playable.
ASCII / 2 kb / 14.01.1997

Great Net Equipment List v4.0 [Mark J. Carrasco]
The definite source for equipment of all kinds, having a total of thirty-three categories, literally thousands of entries, as well as spanning nearly seventy pages. Well-organized and easy to use, the list also includes the monetary costs for each item. A very handy reference.
HTML conversion by Charles Griswold <charlesg@bresnanlink.net>
RTF / 37 kb / 06.08.1998 | HTML / 30 kb / 19.05.2000

Herb Encounter List [Frank Helle Hansen and Others]
Intended as a supplement to Shaun Hately's Guide to Herbs for RPGs, 5th Edition, this well-researched work presents rules for which herbs one might find, given the use of the herbalism proficency. Clearly presented, and worked out using the herbal guide and a number of calculations, it is a valuable add-on for the herbal guide. Keep an eye out for the sixth edition of the Guide to Herbs, hopefully due by Christmas 2000, which will most likely include this as an appendix.
Excel 2000 / 52 kb / 06.04.2000 | PDF / 90 kb / 06.04.2000 | Word 2000 / 120 kb / 06.04.2000

NetBook of Items [Devon Jones (Legolas)]
A huge list of items, about 1000 in all, all presented with cost and other relevant attributes where applicable. There are a lot of categories here (even including the herbs from The Guide to Herbs for RPGs). Detailed and well-organized, but perhaps a little difficult to navigate.
Excel 95 / 53 kb / 20.12.1997

NetBook of Proficiencies [Unknown Source (Editing: Cary Gray)]
The definitive guide to proficiencies, this NetBook details a lot of issues concerning both non-weapon and weapon proficiencies. Along with descriptions and listings of more 250 new proficiencies, these features make this the most comprehensive work on the subject. Very nice formatting makes it a pleasure to behold as well as to use. (Thanks, Cary.)
Word 97 / 107 kb / 20.10.1997

Non-Weapon Proficiencies [The Guide Creator]
Again, the Guide Creator enlightens us with his quality creations, and this is no exception. Thirty-three new non-weapon proficiencies, all clearly presented and ready to use. Examples include Alternate Magics Knowledge, Revelations, Voice Mimicry, Dweomercraft, and Bureaucracy, and there are many more. Well written, and highly recommended for variation in the game.
ASCII / 13 kb / 20.12.1997

Religion in the Forgotten Realms [Are Th. Samsonsen]
A beautifully designed overview of all the deities of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, each description providing all the information you need about specialty priests of the gods in question.
Word 6.0/95 / 146 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Some Non-Weapon Proficiencies [The Guide Creator]
Over thirty new non-weapon proficiencies, many quite original.
ASCII / 13 kb / 05.12.1996

Wild Surge Table 2 [Unknown Source]
A hundred new effects for wild surges.
ASCII / 4 kb / 22.02.1997

Wild Surge Table 3 [Unknown Source]
Yet another hundred new effects for wild surges.
ASCII / 5 kb / 22.02.1997

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