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Beru's Character Sheet [Beru]
A very nicely designed character sheet for the standard AD&D 2nd Edition rules, not for the Skills & Powers expansions. Due to the design and layout of this file, conversion to an earlier version of MS Word than MS Word 97 is not possible. Sorry for that.
Word 97 / 39 kb / 23.09.1997

Christopher's Character Sheets [Christopher A. Brooks]
Two character sheets, one each for both the standard rules and the Skills & Powers additions. No frills, no heavy graphics, just plain nice and clearly set out. In short, everything you need, although they do run into 4 or 5 pages...
Word 2.0 / 9 kb / 23.09.1997

Hudson's Character Sheet [Thomas Hudson]
A three-page character sheet for use with the Skills & Powers optional rules. Simple, clearly set out, but incorporates everything you'd need to know. Conversion to a format other than MS Works v3.0b has not been achieved, though GIF screen captures are included.
MS Works 3.0b + GIF / 85 kb / 23.09.1997

Miller's Character Sheets [Miller]
A generic character sheet for every character class, plus a separate one for six of the major character classes. Based on tables in their entirety, these sheets are well done and clearly set out.
MS Works 3.0 / 61 kb / 29.04.1997

Olik's and Reality's Character Sheets [Olik & Reality]
Starting with the character sheet made by yours truly, Reality has improved it considerably to add further compliance with the Player's Option accessory rulebooks. Still, this character sheet is clear, presentable, and most important, "no-frills". No graphics, special fonts, or other grand visual effects, this improvement still maintains the principle of recording as much information as possible on as little space as possible. Package includes a primary character sheet, suitable for all classes, as well as two separate sheets for recording priest and wizard spells.
Word 97 / 15 kb / 20.11.1997

Skills & Powers Character Sheet [Jason Deem]
A very clear, concise, and well laid-out character sheet for using the alternative Skills & Powers rules. Nice.
PDF / 56 kb / 27.12.1998

Sled's Adventuring Sheets [Garry J. Sled]
A nice package containing a highly detailed character sheet, a spell sheet, and an invaluable inventory sheet detailing equipment and its locations. Very nice formatting, beautifully and professionally designed. (The character sheet does not include information for the Skills & Powers Optional Rulebooks.)
Word 6.0/95 / 19 kb / 30.08.1997

Swordhawk's Character Sheet [Ådne Brunborg (Swordhawk)]
A nicely formatted, 4 page (with notes), standard character sheet. Neither extremely detailed nor excessively condensed, this contains about the same information as you'd expect from an "official" character sheet. Non-S&P. - Erik Burton
PostScript / 15 kb / 03.01.1997

Swordhawk's Spellsheet [Ådne Brunborg (Swordhawk)]
A nice, clear, simple spellsheet. 12 spells per page, with convenient spaces for all the standard information, including about half a line of space for Effect. Handy. Non-S&P. - Erik Burton
PostScript / 7 kb / 03.01.1997

Xeno's Character Sheet [Matthew Shelton (Xeno)]
A very extensive character sheet, that has space enough for just about anything you might want to keep of information about your character. Separate pages for specific classes. 12 pages; both versions included.
WordPerfect 5.1 + ASCII / 14 kb / 13.01.1997

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