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The Ancient Tome of Dark Magic [Guido Mario Sgarbi]
More than 230 pages of necromatic spells, taken from a variety of public sources (other netbooks, websites, submissions, etc.). It has hundreds of spells, and has a very nice layout and format, making it the best and most complete source for necromatic spells available.
PDF / 1.250 kb / 23.07.2000 | Word 2000 / 379 kb / 23.07.2000

Bag O' Wondrous Items [Unknown Source]
A weird magical item, with a hundred funny random effects.
ASCII / 7 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Bjorn's Tome of the Blaze [CaptBjorn]
A little collection of 17 spells (and a magical item) that stem from "the greatest archmage of Elemental Fire there ever was". Needless to say, these spells then all have a certain hot element to them, but they're all unique, and some of them are quite good.
ASCII / 7 kb / 14.08.1999

Blackadder's Codex [Garry J. Sled]
A new spellbook, this little thingy has seven new and highly original spells. Highlights include "Mnemonic Implant", "Wound Transference", "Reanimate", and "Object Contingency", as well as some spells the book's creator invented.
HTML / 5 kb / 30.08.1997

Blackthorn's Orizon [Travis Eagles]
A mysterious book created by the elven mage Blackthorn, this tome contains thirty-five unique spells. Although the background story of this book is set in the Forgotten Realms, but the spells are playable in any compaign world.
HTML / 11 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Black Tome of Pilpin [Allan Longley & Ted Dreibelbis]
A collection of twenty-eight spells made by the two evil characters Pilpin the Black, and Arch-Mage, and Noska Trades, a Necromancer, both of great power. The spells are richly detailed, and the collection itself is rather unique since there aren't that many spells published that are evil or made for and by evil characters.
ASCII / 16 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Brizbane's Bountiful Book [Scott Persons]
A tome of some forty plus wizard spells, all of them new. Some of the descriptions are quite short, but in return, the spells are very imaginative and highly original. Samples of these exciting spells include 220, Nap, Missile Swarm, and Brizbane's Snapper.
Word 6.0/95 / 13 kb / 23.09.1997

Cendril's Treasure Trove [Akos Hartai (Cendril)]
Over a dozen new magical items. Simple, but yet concise descriptions.
ASCII / 3 kb / 07.01.1997

Codex of Arcane, Magical, and Mystical Items [Erik Trimble]
A huge collection of magical items and artifacts, this is the most complete and comprehensive collection of its kind. One of the real classics of net creations, this is definitely a must for everyone.
HTML / 255 kb / 11.04.1997 | PostScript / 396 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Dwarven Magical Items [The Shadowdancer & Nicholas Wilson]
These two new, exciting magical items were apparently designed specifically with dwarves in mind.
ASCII / 4 kb / 12.12.1996

Empowered Familiars [Satan's Dentist]
Familiars in the AD&D game originally are quite non-appealing. This new spell, with detailed gaming notes, changes that completely.
ASCII / 19 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Evermore's Black Spells [Jeff Conry]
A compilation of forty spells, all evil and destructive in nature. Made by Evermore, a black-hearted, evil mage.
ASCII / 6 kb / 22.02.1997

Gallery of Magical Blades v5.01 [Christopher A. Brooks]
With the version 5 update of this magnificent work, this collection has swelled to over two hundred pages. Packed with blades in all kinds and sizes, this is the most complete collection of its kindever, and the only one you'll need. (This is the 1998 v5.01 update; the Word 2000 version has been replaced by a PDF version.)
PDF / 760 kb / 23.07.2000

Great Net Prayerbook v6 [Ezra van Everbroeck]
Note: "Olik's AD&D Pages" are part of "The Great NetBook Archive", home of the GNPB and the GNSP. Please visit the GNBA for the most recent version, available in many different formats; check the Navigation Page for links.

Great Net Spellbook v6 [Ezra van Everbroeck]
Note: "Olik's AD&D Pages" are part of "The Great NetBook Archive", home of the GNPB and the GNSP. Please visit the GNBA for the most recent version, available in many different formats; check the Navigation Page for links.

Katrine's Spells [Thomas Weigel]
A nice collection of 24 mage spells, developed by a young, female spellcaster named Katrine. Being researched by a woman, these spells, though not very female per se, add a little (and often missed) female element to the game.
ASCII / 9 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Leto's Tome of Bizarre, Arcane, and Weird Stuff [Brian A. Rollins]
More than thirty new magical items for your campaigns, these are a little out of the ordinary, quite cool some of them. Examples are Darts of Detonation, Amulet of the Mind, and Shadow Stealer. Nice.
PDF / 19 kb / 13.03.2000 | Word 2000 / 13 kb / 13.03.2000

Magical Compendium of Novel Incantations [Erik van Vliet (Plasto Quinon)]
A quite good collection of spells, both wizard spells and priestly prayers.
ASCII / 15 kb / 25.01.1997 | Word 6.0/95 / 21 kb / 25.01.1997 | WordPerfect 5.1 / 19 kb / 25.01.1997

The Net Libram of Random Magical Effects v1.20 [Orrex]
If you use Wild Mages in your campaigns, this is a must for you. If you're not using Wild Mages, but instead want to "spice up" the life of your magic-using characters, it can also easily be used. There are no less than 10,000 (ten thousand) random magical effects here ready for use, and needless to say, it is more than enough for anyone who want to add some randomness to spellcasting (or magic in general, of course).
PDF / 522 kb / 19.05.2000 | Word 2000 / 248 kb / 19.05.2000

The Net Libram of Wild Magic 2nd Ed [Marc Sherman & rec.games.frp.dnd]
Over more than fifty pages, NLWM2 collects resource information for wild magic use in the AD&D game. It has over a dozen new, original spells, more than a dozen magical items and weapons, some NPCs and monsters, as well as several rules and tables, including a wild surge table of seven hundred entries. A well written work and a good resource for wild magic use, in addition to the fact that these rules can easily be applied to non-wild magic use settings as well (just for pure magical chaos fun, heh).
ASCII / 62 kb / Oct/Nov 1996 | PDF / 355 kb / 19.05.2000 | Word 2000 / 86 kb / 19.05.2000

O, Wondrous Wand [Stephen P. King]
One hundred new effects for the well-known Wand of Wonder. Quite imaginative and funny, and clearly playable (though that could prove very interesting).
ASCII / 5 kb / 14.01.1997

The Oddities [David Callaway]
Sub-titled "Weird, Humorous, and Devious Magical Items", this is a short, two-page collection of about a dozen highly amusing and interesting magical items. An excellent little creation!
PDF / 98 kb / 05.09.2000 | Word 2000 / 6 kb / 05.09.2000

Peako's Book of Cantrips [Peako Macduff]
A comprehensive and richly detailed work, containing loads of cantrips for every imaginative use.
ASCII / 21 kb / Oct/Nov 1996 | Word 6.0/95 / 27 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Priest Spells Volume 1 [Brjánn Jónasson]
Two new, simple spells.
HTML / 2 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Rael's Arrow Spells [Brjánn Jónasson]
Nearly thirty new spells, all of them dealing with arrows of some kind (magical, that is).
HTML / 8 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

The RPG Bible Vol 1 Ed 2 - Weapons [Ian Shirm (Sandman)]
A rather large collection of weapons, this work focuses primarily on swords, but has also quite a few other weapons, such as bows and daggers. Nearly 130 pages of weapons; quite an excellent resource.
Word 6.0/95 / 187 kb / 14.02.1998

The Semi-Comprehensive List of Random Magical Effects v1.00 [No One In Particular (NOIP)]
It's amazing how fun chaos and unpredictability can be sometimes, especially when it comes to the use of magic. An amazing list of no less than 7.000 wild surges are detailed here, as well as a few related magical spells. I guess this little list should be enough to put some random fun into the campaign.
PDF / 355 kb / 05.04.1999 | Word 97 / 137 kb / 05.04.1999

Small Net Spellbook v6 [Boudewijn Wayers]
Note: "Olik's AD&D Pages" are part of "The Great NetBook Archive", home of the GNPB and the GNSP. Please visit the GNBA for the most recent version, available in many different formats; check the Navigation Page for links. The Small Net Spellbook v6 is also located here.

Some Cursed Magical Items [Unknown Source]
Three new magical items with a special touch.
ASCII / 2 kb / 01.01.1997

The Spellbook of Monsa Moon [Philip Arena]
Nearly forty original new spells of an exciting nature. Although quite powerful, these spells can nevertheless provide a welcome addition to any wizard's repertoire. You have everything from Spirit Bolt and Black Hole to Shockwave, Dark Cross, and Crossbreeding, so this is a creative and intelligent piece of work.
HTML / 12 kb / 23.07.2000 | PDF / 123 kb / 23.07.2000 | Word 2000 / 21 kb / 23.07.2000

Spells [Gabriel Cain]
Three spells, one new one, and two appearing to be modifications or variations over common spells.
HTML / 2 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Spells [Runar Magnusson (Doc)]
25 new spells, spanning many different categories and uses. Well written; some are very detailed.
HTML / 11 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Spells [Russel Martin]
Five original spells, very detailed.
HTML / 6 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Spells of Alpha the Mage [Jason Nelson]
Over fifty well-worked, detailed, and original spells. Quite good; a real classic.
ASCII / 22 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Tome of Flames [Michael Morris]
A new magical book, containing lots of spells, including six new ones.
ASCII / 3 kb / 01.02.1997

Tome of Monster Lore [Alexei A. Kramarenko (Larnir Haigh)]
Although short, this original new magic item is well-written. The title explains its function.
ASCII / 2 kb / 20.10.1997

Ultimate Bag O' Beans [Reid Bluebaugh & Others]
The ultimate random treasure! Lots of effects, some of them really weird. Adds some fun to an otherwise serious (and/or boring) campaign.
ASCII / 32 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Wizard Spells Volume 1 [Brjánn Jónasson]
No description yet.
HTML / 8 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Wizard Spells Volume 2 [Brjánn Jónasson]
No description yet.
HTML / 3 kb / Oct/Nov 1996

Xeno's Magical Items List, Volume One [Matthew Shelton (Xeno)]
A nice collection of magical items, each with extensive descriptions. Very thorough.
HTML / 26 kb / 13.01.1997

Zagyg's Deck of Not So Many Things [Sam & Joe Calleran (Dead Ghost)]
A really funny and weird deck of cards. You don't want to play with this one...
ASCII / 3 kb / 14.01.1997

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